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  • My husband and I have been traveling to Negril since 2002. We were married on the beach in front of Idle Awhile in 2003. Hope you enjoy looking through our pictures! I have them organized by category so be sure and check out the category drop down menu.

Be sure and tip the Beach Musicians!

Amazing that he carries this up and down the beach.

I think the two on the left are father and son.

Pictures of Negril, Jamaica by Elizabeth Glass

Love the musicians on the beach! Negril pictures by Elizabeth Glass

Love the colors – Negril Beach Musicians

Have you ever plucked on of these things? It hurts your fingers!!

He picks the shade every chance he gets. what a heavy load! – Negril Beach Musicians.

Crystal - February 24, 2013 - 11:04 pm

Absolutely beautiful! You have captured the spirit of Jamaica.

Outside of Town

There are two of these on the road to the airport, right in a row! – Negril Pictures

Beauty grows everywhere. Negril Jamaica Pictures

Okay, so this is kind of scary. A friend insisted I go back and capture this for her.

Where do you think you’re going?? Negril Jamaica pictures.